Turn your iPad into a Digital Sign/Status Board with this Cool App.

Are you a business owner?  Check out this cool new app, Status Board 2.

The app will turn your iPad into a digital, customizable status board that can show time, weather, custom messages, next in line, etc. It's a perfect way to utilize an unused iPad mounted in one of our FLOTE stands at your store or reception area.

Not a business owner? The free version of the app can display the status of up to 6 apps (weather, time, etc.) on one updated screen. It's a great way to use your iPad/FLOTE combo next to your bed.

Check out the app here.

Roll, Roll, Roll Your FLOTE

A number of customers have mentioned that despite the slider discs on the bottom of the FLOTE m2 FLOOR STAND, moving the unit from room to room can sometimes be challenging. This is especially true for those who have limited ability.

Well, there's no app for that. But there is a relatively simple solution: WiFi Casters from CoolCasters.com.

These little casters are extremely well-made and have a very low profile. Use 3M's VHB (Very High Bond) double-sided adhesive tape to mount 5 of these casters under your FLOTE m2 Base in between each of the slider discs.

Once installed, you'll be able to very easily roll your FLOTE wherever you need to.

WiFi Casters from CoolCasters.com

Use your iPad as a second monitor.

Using your iPad or tablet next to your desktop or laptop computer can make you much more productive. You can use your tablet for secondary items, such a viewing email and social media updates, watching TV or movies while working on your computer, managing your music collection, video conferencing and much more.

While you can simply utilize the existing apps on your iPad or tablet separate from those applications running on your computer, there are also applications out there that can turn your iPad or tablet into a second monitor, enabling it to be an extension of your current monitor and providing you with considerably more "desktop" space to work with. One such app is DUET, which is currently free and compatible with both OS and Windows operating systems. 

One of the many benefits of using our FLOTE tablet stands is the ability to float your tablet next to your computer or monitor, making it easy to position your tablet just where you want it, and if needed, swing it out of the way.

Ergonomics first: When using FLOTE and an app like DUET, make sure to position your tablet at a height that keeps your head straight and at a comfortable reading distance. You'll be able to enjoy your extra work space for hours without strain or discomfort. 

Need To Secure Your Tablet?

If you're using FLOTE in a retail or public environment and need a way to prevent theft, consider using a security cable. A small flat plate attaches to the back of the tablet with a keyed lock. A cable is then attached to the FLOTE stand or if necessary, a fixed object.

There are a number of these cables available on the market, although MacLocks offers a variety of options.

If you require a more custom or discreet solution, please contact us

This Hands-Free Page Turner Will Turn Heads Too.

AIRTURNER HANDS FREE PAGE TURNER by Air Turn Inc. This innovative product seems ideal for musicians or those who are unable or prefer not to use their hands to turn pages on their tablet (or computer). Instead, simply step down on a silent foot pedal, and a wireless Bluetooth signal turns the pages for you. According to the manufacturer, AirTurn “works with most document and presentation programs for Mac and PC, as well as a growing number of apps for the iPad™and Android™ tablets.”

We Like Beautiful Sound and Beautiful Design. Meet SoundSticks 3.

HARMON KARDON SOUNDSTICKS 3. These speakers were referred by ereaderjoy blogger, Eolake Stobblehouse who states that these can really enhance the iPad as a video and music player. While they need power, they work wirelessly with the iPad. These means you can use FLOTE to watch movies and TV and have a full and rich surround-sound audio experience… hands-free of course. (Airport Express/ wireless network required for wireless features.)

Watch Cable in Comfort with FLOTE and This Free App.

OPTIMUM FOR iPAD by CSC Holdings, LLC. Depending on where you live you may have seen the commercials for this free app. It is amazing. It enables you to not only use your iPad (or iPhone) as a remote control for your cable box (even when away from home) and a channel guide, it also turns your iPad into a TV to watch live programming anywhere in your home. Even better, you can now watch your iPad TV for hours hands free with FLOTE. It’s enough to switch over the cable!

Use This App To Turn Your iPad into a Useful Alarm Clock.

PROGRESSIVE ALARM CLOCK by Spotlight Six Software. There’s a slew of alarm clock apps out there. What makes this one unique is that it progressive, in that the alarm (a gentle and realistic gong sound recorded from a “Tibetian singing bowl” according to its maker) gets louder over time, gently waking you up from your late night of using FLOTE to watch the latest episode of Walking Dead on Netflix.

Turn Your FLOTE into an Elegant Torcheire Lamp.

FREE LIGHT by Javoid. This free app turns your iPad/FLOTE into a fun floor lamp or reading light. Their “white” color is pretty bright. By facing your iPad’s screen upwards, and using FLOTE to raise it up high, you can have an elegant torchiere that can light up a room quite nicely. Bring it down to your bed, and you’ve got a reading lamp for books (whatever they are). Or have fun, set the mood, and choose from a variety of colors or turn on the include strobe feature.

Turn Your FLOTE into an Elegant Night Light.

Using your FLOTE in bed at night is a great way to end your day. These clever apps will turn your FLOTE into a convenient night light when your tablet time becomes sleep time.

NIGHTLIGHT by Elegant Technologies. This free and cool app turns your iPad into night light with a sleep timer.

NIGHTLIGHT+ by MountainDev. This app turns your iPad into a clap-on, clap-off nightlight. Using Nightlight+ enables you to get up in the dark, clap gently, and see your way avoiding bumps in the night. The caveat is that you will need to turn off your iPad's auto lock feature and leave the app running. Since this drains your battery, keep your iPad charging during the night.