The "Tablet Drop Syndrome" 

Suffering from TDS? You're not alone!
First, learn more about this "terrible" epidemic: 

Read the winning entries selected below from close to 100 submissions.
Each winner will receive their choice of a 
FLOTE m2, FLOTE Desktop or FLOTE Orbit.


MY TDS STORY by Ray Seale

It was a Friday night. I was ready to be all that I could be. I was taking out my favorite lady for a movie then back to my place for dinner. The movie was great and I felt like a million bucks. So after I wanted to cook her a wonderful dinner. It was all set. The finest spaghetti I could make from a jar. I just need the reciepe for my killer salad dressing. Balancing my iPad with one hand I carefully careful assembled the ingredients. She came in to observe my culinary prowess. I turned to give her a thumbs up and realized I couldn't as both hands were occupied. Too late. Thumb went up and iPad went into the dreamy mixture. I screamed and she laughed. I rescued the iPad but not my ego. After dinner and some iPad cleaning, we retired to the couch where I wanted to show her my pictures from a U.S. Your of cheese factories, thinking this would overwhelm her and forget the situation earlier. As we sank back in the couch, her in my arms, I held the iPad up so we could see. After about 30 min my arms tired and the iPad fell bouncing from my face to hers via the bridge of her nose. Long story, short the night ended in the ER, the last time I'd see my special girl. And all that could be heard in my mind was the snickering of an iPad that smelled of a light vinaigrette. A FLOTE floor stand could have saved a relationship, an expensive medical treatment and the ever so important bond between a man and his iPad.


MY TDS STORY by Kathy Feste

My TDS story is about a dog, an iPad, a bed and a woman. The dog's name is Willy and he's a crazy energetic border collie/Australian Shepard mix and my name is Kathy, the woman who likes to read in bed with her iPad. Well, the story goes that Willy kind of likes surprising me by jumping onto the bed with virtually no warning and coming up next to me to snuggle. It's his thing I guess and I think it's cute. I know...I pretty sure I'm breaking all the rules of dog parenting but who cares. Right? At least not until that fateful evening when I set my iPad down for "just a minute" and at the same time Willy flew up onto the bed like a rocket and he landed right ON TOP OF MY IPAD! The horror! The regret! Nope, I didn't drop my iPad but does it count when my dog drops HIS body on it? The end result is the same. The iPad is dead and cracked to smithereens. It's not a pretty sight on so many levels. The moral of the story is if the woman had a magically wonderful and completely awesome FLOTE m2, the dog, the new iPad and the woman could live happily ever after. The end. P.S. Willy felt real bad about what happen and thinks a FLOTE is a very good idea.


MY TDS STORY by Christian Jay Marshall

It was a sunny Sunday morning, and the rich smell of coffee was coming from the kitchen. The aroma of fresh java was calling me from my bedrooms long Saturday night slumber where my trusty Apple iPad and I had spent the night playfully surfing the internet until our batteries both had run dry. I knew I had to charge my little jewel of light and thought perhaps I could plug her in while sitting at the hard wood oak dinning table that had been polished everyday with pledge making it perhaps one of the most slippery items of furniture in the house. I wanted to charge the unit while reading the morning news and drink my coffee but I didn't have a way to adjust the viewing angle for just the right comfort level. So I thought to myself that I had one of those picture frame stands many people use for family photos placed mostly on front door entry way glove and hat tables. I thought oh perfect, but this is where everything went wrong. I placed my ipad in the stand on the oak dinning room table and plugged it in and everything went as planned for the most part and then suddenly the central air system in the house engaged. There was enough movement of air in the room that the ipad and stand started sliding across the polished table, and was fast enough I couldn't get to it in time to make the saving catch from our tiled floors, I watched in horror as the ipad started falling in slow motion for just a few seconds and then the sinking feelings of disaster washed over me knowing there was nothing to be done. It hit the tile floor screen side facing up, shattering into a spider web of broken glass. My perfect Sunday morning was over. I was able to get the ipad repaired but I never want to go through that nightmare again, TDS has driven me to start looking for the perfect tablet stands, and I have found them here at



Can't wait for another contest to prevent TDS?