General Questions and Answers about using our award-winning iPad Tablet floor bed and desktop stands.


What tablet devices work with FLOTE?

The question should be "What devices do not work with FLOTE?". So far, we've been unable to find a tablet or e-reader that does not fit within FLOTE's Cradle (the part that holds the tablet or e-reader). However, smaller tablets under 6.25" (158.75 mm) in width may need to be in a case to enlarge their size.

iPAD PRO User? FLOTE's "Cradle", the part that holds the tablet, opens up to about 8 5/8" (219.075 mm), so it will just fit the new iPad Pro. Slight bending to "open up" the Cradle may be necessary but is easy to do as the Cradle is made of aluminum and can bend and retain its shape. Customer photo below shows the iPad Pro in a FLOTE Cradle.

Photo courtesy of Austin L.

Here's feedback from existing iPad PRO + FLOTE customers:

"I originally bought the Orbit for my iPad Air but have now moved up to the iPad Pro, the Orbit works great and fits fine." – William Knapp, Manchester, NJ

"… the iPad Pro fits beautifully and holds any position I put it in without a problem." – Linda Fenner, Vista, CA

"… let you know that it works with the iPad Pro with the Otterbox Defender case also.  A little tight but it holds very secure." – Kenneth Nelson, Clearwater, FL

"Yes baby! My (FLOTE) fits the new Ipad Pro. I'm so happy." – Georgia Dow, iMORE

"The bending of the fingers went very well. The cradle fits!  Thanks!" – Morgan P., Reston, VA

Please note that oversized military-style cases may not work with FLOTE and may need to be removed before use. Fortunately most cases available will work perfectly. Note that we recommend using a tablet + case combination weighing no more than ~ 2.5 pounds (1.13398 Kgs).

If you discover a tablet that does not work with FLOTE, please contact us so that we can post a list here. 

Below is just a small sample of some of the tablets that work with FLOTE.

Do I need any special cases or adapters?

No. Unlike other tablet stands which require you to use specific adapters or cases for specific devices, FLOTE's universal Cradle is engineered to use spring tension to gently but firmly grip virtually any sized tablet or e-reader on the market today.  


Will the Magnet Ball Joint impact the operation of my device?

No. Most of today's tablets and e-readers use "flash memory". Flash memory is a type of solid state non-volatile data storage, meaning that flash memory chips don't need to be powered to retain data. Flash memory is non-magnetic so it is not affected by magnetic fields. To learn more, read this article on eHow.com on this topic.


Why is FLOTE premium priced?

FLOTE meets extremely high standards for design integrity and excellence in functionality. Every detail has been addressed to provide a premium product. There are several other, lower-priced stands on the market today but we believe that if you compare our products to these other stands, you'll agree with us that FLOTE is well worth the price. Our customers certainly do.

To make it easier to enjoy the world's best tablet stands, we now offer a 6- and 3- Month Payment Plans. Learn about this affordable and simple way to get a FLOTE in your hands.

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Will my tablet "wander" or "drift"after I position it?

No. FLOTE utilizes a custom-made powerful Magnetic Ball Joint designed specifically for this purpose. It functions beautifully to hold your tablet's position for as long as you want. Yet, you can freely and easily reposition your tablet at any time without the need to loosen or tighten anything.

For more cradle stability, it's best to position your iPad in the cradle with the spring/lever on the bottom and your iPad weight centered toward the bottom. 
Please note that when positioned at some extreme angles, there may be a very slight, barely noticeable drift. If you notice drift occurring in other positions or frequently, it likely means that the steel ball and magnetic socket need to be cleaned. Please visit Maintenance for more details and important information for this maintenance procedure.


I live outside the U.S. Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship internationally using UPS. We have negotiated with UPS to provide considerable discounts for our international orders and your cost will typically be much less than UPS' published pricing. Shipping costs for most areas of the world will be automatically added at your time of purchase. Click here to see general rates. For shipments to countries not included at checkout, please contact us directly. Learn more about shipping.


Can FLOTE be easily pushed/moved out of the way, so that I can rise out of bed without knocking into it?

Yes. FLOTE pivots at its Base so you can easily rotate FLOTE's Boom out of the way, or gently slide FLOTE out of your way. Keep in mind that the m2 floor stand is relatively heavy, and as with any piece of furniture or appliance next to your bed, you'll need to take care to avoid bumping into it. See Useful Tips for suggestions about apps that turn your FLOTE into a beautiful night light lamp or torchiere.

Some customers have successfully used small, low-profile casters that are easily adhered to the bottom of the Base to make moving their FLOTE m2 around easier. If you'd like to learn more about these casters, please see our Useful Tips page.


Do I need to protect my tablet from the mounting brackets? 

No protection is needed as FLOTE's Cradle has soft rubber cushions. These cushions gently hold your tablet, prevent it from sliding, and also protect your device from scratches.


How does the "Cradle" work? 

CRADLE 2.gif

Using the finger tab on its back, you gently squeeze to expand the Cradle's upper and lower "jaws", and release to allow the spring tension to grip your device. To remove your tablet, you simply repeat the procedure. FLOTE is designed to make inserting or removing your tablet easy, fast and simple.


I've got an iPad Air and notice that sometimes my tablet will slowly slide down when in portrait mode. What do I do?

If you notice that your iPad Air is sliding, we recommend gently squeezing the "fingers" of the Cradle in towards each other. The Cradle is made of aluminum and will bend and retain its shape. This creates a tighter grip on the Air and should alleviate the problem. Also, please check to make sure that the two screws (with the white washers) are not overtightened. This can restrict the movement of the Cradle halves and the tension force of the springs. If the sliding continues, please contact us.


Is there any "bounce" when typing on or using my tablet?

FLOTE was designed primarily for reading, viewing and browsing which often requires very little typing or touching the screen. Under those circumstances there is virtually no bounce, and what there is will typically subside after a few seconds. For those who wish to type or frequently peck on their tablets, we recommend two approaches: (a) gently hold a lower corner of the tablet while typing/pecking with the other hand, or (b) position your tablet so its bottom is in contact with a sturdy object, such as your lap or stomach (when lying in bed). These two approaches will dramatically reduce any bounce while typing or pecking frequently.
Please note that the longer the extension of the Boom, the more prominent the bounce will be. This is inevitable due to physics although as mentioned, the bounce will subside quickly or can be addressed by the solutions provided above.


How does the telescoping feature work with the Boom?

You simply adjust the Boom Adjustment Sleeve and slide the Boom to extend or retract as needed.

SLEEVE 2.gif







Can I use my tablet with its case on, or do I need to remove it?

FLOTE is designed to work with your tablet or e-reader with or without a case. However, there are some large cases which often also include a wireless keyboard or are designed to military specs. These larger cases may not work with FLOTE and their removal may be required before inserting your tablet into the Cradle.


Are all the control buttons on my device accessible while the tablet is mounted?

Our experience so far has been that all controls are available when a device is in the Cradle, including clearance around the speaker areas. However, there may be newer models or future devices that may have controls blocked by the Cradle. If you come across such a device, please contact us so that we can post those devices here.

• On some Kindle Fire models the power button may be obstructed.


Can my tablet be charged while I'm using it with FLOTE?

Yes. The charging port is available the tablets we have tested. If desired, an extended length charging cable, such as this 3-meter cable from Griffin Technologies, can be used. 

Our philosophy on charging is that today's tablets have batteries which last for several hours, meaning no unsightly wires or dongles are necessary. Instead, you are free to enjoy the simple elegance of using your tablet with FLOTE. In addition, including an internal charging system would increase FLOTE's cost  as well as likely becoming obsolete quickly as technologies and proprietary connectors change so often. 

Looking forward, we await the availability of a long-distance, wireless tablet charging option which would negate the need for any wires and keep your tablet always charged. Watch the video below of this amazing technology coming to the consumer electronics market in 2015: 


What are the weight and dimensions for the different FLOTE models?

You can see FLOTE's dimensions and weights by clicking here.


Is FLOTE safe to use with young children (or elderly adults)?

Although FLOTE was engineered to be solid and balanced, a young child may have the strength to pull the device- and FLOTE- down upon themselves causing possible injury. Please use common sense when allowing a child to access a device being supported by FLOTE. While it's great for floating a tablet over a young child, it can be potentially dangerous if that child is capable of pulling the tablet and FLOTE down upon themselves causing possible injury.



I've lost my Owner's Guide. Do you have available copies?

You may easily view or download PDFs of our Owner's Guides by visiting our Library page. 


I'm in a rush and don't want to wait 2-3 weeks for shipping? Can I get my FLOTE shipped via an express courier?

Yes. Please contact us to arrange expedited shipping. Indicate "RUSH ORDER" in your message and please provide your phone number. We will calculate express courier costs and contact you for confirmation. Learn more about shipping.


Can I get my FLOTE in other colors?

At this time we are offering FLOTE in only the anodized silver finish, although we do plan to offer color choices in the future. For custom colors a minimum order is required. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.


Are accessories for FLOTE planned?

Yes. We are always thinking of new designs and ways to make using FLOTE even more enjoyable. Please check back at this website from time to time for new additions or join our mailing list. If you have suggestions for accessories, please feel free to contact us (and thank you). To see some existing accessories and apps which will enhance using FLOTE, be sure to visit Useful Tips and our Facebook page.

Is any maintenance required?

Generally, there is very little maintenance required other than gently cleaning your FLOTE from time to time. (Note: Do not use products with ammonia). For more information on caring for your FLOTE please visit Maintenance page.


The Boom of my FLOTE is sliding even thought I tightened the Boom Knob all the way. What can I do?

If you just received your FLOTE, please give it some time to get to room temperature and then try again. If too hot or cold, the metal construction may expand or compress which may be causing the issue.

In some rare instances you may notice your Boom is sliding although you've tightened the Boom Knob completely. You may need to replace the two rubber Friction Discs that are located in the pivot area. If so please contact us. Click here to download a PDF of simple instructions to replace the discs once you've received them.


Where are your terms and conditions?

Please visit our Terms & Conditions page.


Can I cancel my store order?

Once an order is placed on the online store, it cannot be cancelled. We send all new orders to our warehouse to be packed for shipping as soon as possible. However, you can return your product for a full refund less shipping charges. Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for details.

Can I return my FLOTE if I'm not satisfied?

Yes. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. If you are unhappy with your FLOTE, you can return it within 30 days. Certain restrictions apply, so please visit our Terms & Conditions for more information.


Does FLOTE have a warranty?

Yes. FLOTE has a (1) one year warranty. Please visit our Warranty Information page for details.


How do I contact you if I have a question, suggestion or an issue?


To contact us, please click here.