Learn the story behind FLOTE,
the world's most elegant and thoughtfully
engineered iPad tablet bed, floor & desktop stands.

The inspiration for FLOTE™ was originally a desire by designer Dave Cutler to find a cool and elegant hands-free solution to hold his Apple iPad after suffering from neck, shoulder, arm and wrist discomfort. Unable to find a solution that he felt complimented Apple's design sensibilities, he began the development of FLOTE.

After several months of prototype design and testing, the first FLOTE was "born". Along with a team of collaborators, friends and family, Dave launched FLOTE on Kickstarter.com, the wildly successful crowd funding website.

Below is the video which first appeared on the Kickstarter.com FLOTE Project Page on November 2011:


Due to the overwhelming support of the Kickstarter community, FLOTE was successfully funded. (Please view the ORIGINAL BACKER WALL OF GRATITUDE below.)

Our first production run of FLOTE sold out much faster than expected. We were excited to receive great media acclaim and surprised to receive orders from around the world, despite very little effort at promotion. It became clear to all involved that there was indeed a large interest for an elegant, beautifully-made tablet stand.

To meet that demand, CRC Innovations LLC. was created with the directive to design thoughtful, elegant accessories that will enhance a users experience with today's technologies. Our primary goal: Exceed our customers expectations. Based on our customers' reviews, we appear to be doing just that.

We hope that you will please spread the word about FLOTE to your family, friends and colleagues. Join our family and keep in touch with us at our Facebook page or our blog.

... And a very special thanks to Jim & Bethanne Robertiello.