FLOTE ipad tablet stands named the best by the press.

Critical acclaim from, well, critics.

"I have reviewed many tablet holders, and FLOTE is by far the best one to date."

INC Magazine Best in Class Semi Finalist  

"I love the FLOTE because it looks great in my house, it is well built and will hold my tablet at nearly any angle or position that I can imagine."

"AmazingIt’s the best hands-free iPad stand I’ve had the pleasure of using."

"Unique and stylishly adept solution to handsfree iPad use. Ingenious.... an excellent addition to my iPad."

"One of the best stands money can buy."

"Not your grandmother's iPad stand. I personally love it."

"Elegant and simple...letting you enjoy your content instead of worrying about body aches." 

"Beautiful, functional, flexible, and useful... FIVE STARS." (Also named a Staff Pick for Holiday Gift Guide 2013.)

"Four out of five stars with a thumbs up...looks nicer than most other floor stands that I’ve encountered. It is also incredibly well built." 

Named to TOP 12 IPAD STAND (the only floor stand named to the list), "FLOTE is a stylish ergonomic iPad stand that combines function and style to offer users a healthy way to play or work on a tablet."

"... is the rare iPad stand that's actually worthy of a premium price.

"Aligned with this visionary (Steve Jobs) who thought in the long run, it comes down to taste is the FLOTE, a premium, classy tablet stand engineered like no other."

"We love great design and awesome gadgets and here we have found the perfect combination of form and function....The endless range of possible angles and heights is very appealing as is the unsurpassed quality of materials, construction and design."

"Outstanding product... makes the reading process incredibly enjoyable. The responsiveness that you feel in terms of being able to adjust the exact position and angle is appropriate to the responsiveness of the iPad itself. It is also an attractive and modern accessory that fits well with most decor."

Named to FORBES All-Time Gadgets We Love List

"... position it beside a bed, its arm can suspend a tablet halfway across a king-size (or smaller) mattress at a good height for viewing."


 – David Pogue

"You might love the FLOTE m2 Floor Stand more than you love your actual tablet."

"We love FLOTE! Selected for the Holiday Gift Guide 2013."

"An elegant addition to any home."

"Simply the best iPad stands I’ve hand a chance to review."

"Lets you read, watch video, and do other fun stuff without having to hold the iPad." 

"It has one of the best designs I have ever seen in any iPad bed stands. The sturdy construction and excellent design make this one of the best iPad bed stands ever."

"One of the best iPad stands ever. If you want to have your iPad positioned within a zillion height and range possibilities, FLOTE m2 Floor Stand is on the top of your purchase wish list." 

MyMac names FLOTE ipad tablet stands the best ipad tablet stands.

"An impressively built product. Would we recommend this product? Absolutely." 9 out of 10/ Excellent.

"One of the best iPad stands I've seen. So good looking and well constructed."


" invisible extension of your tablet. It's clean lines and fluid adjustability were designed to let your eyes focus on your content..."

Featured on Product Hunt

"An iPad stand that lets you position your iPad anywhere you damn well please — and looks good doing it.  — pretty handy."

"Engineered like no other stand that we have seen or reviewed up till now. Premium, Elegant and Ergonomic.

"The best tablet stand I have ever used."

"Best iPad floor stand I have reviewed to dateA graceful work of industrial design that adds a touch of class to any room that it resides in."

"There isn’t a better tablet stand on the market today."

"Love it... Highly recommended."

Chris Voss Review of FLOTE ORBIT ipad stand

"An elegant iPad stand that even Jonathan Ive would approve of. ... will surely appeal to musicians and artists alike... an essential item for many disabled iPad users."

"FLOTE is a beautiful way to hold up your favorite tablet... a beautifully crafted piece of work."

"One of the best pieces of engineering I have seen to date and has led me to wonder how I ever managed without it... Definitely in my top five of iPad accessories."


"The FLOTE M2 tablet stand is an insanely well made, highly-adaptable premium tablet stand that opens up a world of new possibilities and conveniences. It’s one of those rare items that makes you wonder how you ever got along without it."

Included in "The 100 Best iPad Accessories" Roundup

"The Best Tablet Stand We’ve Seen. Aesthetically it’s a beautiful, almost art worthy piece, functionally it’s just as good… fluid and adjustable whether your 5’5 or 6’9…"

The iPAD TODAY Show on the TWiT TV network likes FLOTE so much they use one on the show.