Maintenance for your FLOTE universal tablet stands.


FLOTE m2 Floor Stand and FLOTE Desktop for iPad/Kindle/Tablets/eReaders were designed and built to last a lifetime of normal use. Here are simple instructions to keep your FLOTE looking beautiful and functioning perfectly for years to come.

Keep it clean: 

From time to time wipe down your FLOTE with a clean soft cloth dampened with water and a mild detergent. Never clean FLOTE using products with ammonia such as Windex®. Ammonia can break down the molecular surface allowing the risk of corrosion over time. 

Keep it protected:

Avoid allowing dirt, dust, moisture or grime to come in contact with FLOTE. Pay particular attention to preventing these items from getting into the interior areas and moving parts. Dirt can create unwanted friction that may lead to binding of parts which will not be covered under our warranty. While FLOTE's powder-coated finish is quite durable, it is still susceptible to scratches and dings, which are not covered by our warranty. Always use care and common sense.

Magnetic Ball Joint Maintenance:

Once in a while you may notice that the Cradle may drift. This usually means that the Magnetic Ball Joint needs to be cleaned. Click here to view or download a PDF of simple instructions to remove the Cradle from the magnetic socket. Remember to use a soft cloth in between surfaces to prevent scratches or marring.

After removal, clean the ball and magnetic socket with a slightly dampened (water is fine. although users have reported that rubbing alcohol works great) clean cloth and dry completely. Afterwards place the Cradle back into the magnetic socket. Use care as the magnetic force is quite powerful. The Cradle should function properly once again.

If you continue to have problems with the Cradle slipping, try this:

1) Remove the Cradle from the magnetic socket once again.
2) Place a clean paper towel over the magnetic socket
3) Return the Cradle to the magnetic socket, letting the ball capture the paper towel
4) Remove the excess paper towel for a cleaner look

This technique should dramatically improve the force of the Magnetic Ball Joint. However if problems persist, please contact us.



If you are having issues with the Boom extending or the Pole rotating or squeaking, use a lubricant such as WD40 (or even furniture wax/polish will do in a pinch). For the Boom, extend fully, clean and then lightly lubricate the "inner" Boom tube.

For the Pole, remove it from Base, clean both the tapered end of the Pole and the hole in the Base. Then lubricate the tapered end of the Pole and return.


Keep it dry:

While FLOTE can be used outdoors, it was not designed for constant use in and around wet environments. If your FLOTE gets wet, dry it with a clean, soft cloth or towel as quickly as possible.


Clean the Slider Discs under the Base:

From time to time, clean the discs located under the Base to prevent dirt build-up which may cause scratches on hardwood floors or tabletops when moving your FLOTE around.


Friction Discs:

In rare instances you may notice your Boom is sliding although you've tightened the Boom Knob completely. You may need to replace the two friction discs that are located in the pivot area. If so please contact us. Click here to view or download a PDF of simple instructions to replace the discs once you've received them.


Questions? Please contact us.