Enjoy your tablet in bed or your favorite chair for hours, in style and without discomfort.

Holding a tablet while reading, viewing or browsing often causes discomfort and muscle fatigue. Propping up your tablet is not an ergonomic solution. But there is a smarter way to use your tablet. 

Meet FLOTE. The world's best tablet bed stands.

FLOTE enables you to enjoy your content for hours by creating a hands-free, ergonomic tablet experience. Elegant in design, freely adjustable, FLOTE will make your content appear as though it is floating in front of you, while you relax in bed, free from stress & discomfort. 

Compatible with any tablet*, with or without a case. No adapter needed.

Reviewers and our customers love FLOTE. So will you. 

We offer two models perfect for your bedroom.

FLOTE m2 Bed Stand + FLOTE Desktop.

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 FLOTE m2 Bed Stand

FLOTE m2 Bed Stand

 FLOTE Desktop

FLOTE Desktop

Tablet different. Tablet smarter.

Order your FLOTE today.

* Larger military-style cases may need to be removed.