FLOTE. Ergonomic Tablet Stand Solutions for Business.

All three FLOTE models represent an exciting new ergonomic solution for those enterprises that utilize- or want to utilize- today’s tablet technology in the workplace
— Paul Chu, co-Founder, CRC Innovations

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FLOTE has many commercial applications, including:



Ergonomic Workstations.

Combine FLOTE Desktop with a wireless keyboard to create an articulating ergonomic workstation for your staff. FLOTE enables ideal positioning of tablets for discomfort-free viewing. Your staff can easily and freely swing the tablet in and out of their workspace as needed. 



Reception & Hospitality.

FLOTE is a sophisticated way to use tablets at reception or retail locations. Greet visitors for registration, or provide them with easy access to information and promotions. For resorts, enchant your guests with a FLOTE in each room. In retail, FLOTE Desktop is ideal for POS, or use either model as unique kiosks (security options available).

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Retail and POS.

  FLOTE DESKTOP and ORBIT are   ideal for POP, or use either model as unique kiosks for your retail business  (security options available).

FLOTE DESKTOP and ORBIT are ideal for POP, or use either model as unique kiosks for your retail business  (security options available).



Patient Healthcare & Comfort. Learn more here.

FLOTE Desktop enables your patients or those with limited abilities to use their tablets hands-free and pain-free. FLOTE is ideal for healthcare professionals to interact with their patients either in-person or via remote patient-care apps. 

For my at home tablet working experience
I prefer the FLOTE tablet stand.
— Aaron Aders, INC MAGAZINE



Teachers in the Classroom.

Provide your teaching staff with a significantly better way to tablet in the classroom. FLOTE frees educators' hands, allowing them to utilize emphatic gestures and actively engage with their students in a more dynamic setting. See some great ideas and products for education and the iPad at our PINTEREST board.

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Lectures & Presentations.

FLOTE is ideal as a sleek and unobtrusive podium, easily adjusting to the best height and angle for speakers to see, read and access their tablets. Bundle FLOTE with a teleprompter app to provide speakers with an elegant podium worthy of a great speech.


FLOTE will enable workers to use their tablets hands-free, providing an ergonomic environment that we believe will reduce work-related injuries from stressed hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and necks
— Dave Cutler, Designer/FLOTE

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