customers love FLOTE ipad tablet bed floor stands

Customers l-o-v-e FLOTE. So will y-o-u.

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I’m delighted with my Flote m2! Upon arrival, I was very impressed with the packaging. The compressed Styrofoam molded to hold the pieces offered superior protection. Also, the boxes were easy to open.

And, of course, I’m delighted with my Flote m2. I had been reluctant to order the floor model because of the base weight but with those sliders added, it simply is not a problem. It’s such an amazingly solid, functional stand. So far I’ve used it nightly in bed when I read on my iPad or have my iPad handy for looking up information as I read a hard copy book. Also, on occasion I watch TV on my iPad (by means of Slingplayer) and the Flote stand is simply amazing! I no longer have to prop up the iPad on my bed using my comforter. The Flote m2 would make life so much more pleasant for anyone who is bedridden!!

I can’t say enough good things about Flote m2. It is Perfect!

Thank you so much for perfecting the design and delivering a high quality product.


— Jeanne Peterson, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

It is awesome... Love it love it love it.
— Robert Rosenfield, Westport, CT

" I agree that FLOTE is the most elegant tablet floor stand, you have done an excellent job. I bought almost all the stands available in the market to solve my yet none of them serve my requirements except your one of a kind stand that really takes your iPad exactly where you want it."

Hany Majeed, Springfield Gardens, NY

"The FLOTE is a triumph!  The packing was very thoughtfully and carefully done.  The assembly was a snap.  I have been using the FLOTE ever since it arrived and I do LOVE it." 

–  Neil Bellinger, Honolulu, HA

"Just to let you know, I love my new FLOTE.  You really designed a quality product.  It is enhances my tablet watching experience in bed so much.  Thank you so much for taking your time and putting your heart and soul into the FLOTE." 

–  Shaun in Texas

Life is way better with FLOTE! I am spreading the word! Thank you so much!
— Janice Lettick, Pompano Beach, FL

From our Amazon Customers:

Amazon customers give FLOTE ipad tablet stands 5 stars, the best

"TOTALLY PERFECT! great for disabled individuals. I must say that of every computer accessory i have ever bought, this is absolutely the most useful one." – Naivetheorist, Amazon customer 



"Great floor standing Tablet Stand. I purchased several other tablet stands that were less expensive however this is one example where you get what you pay for." K. Beck, Amazon customer 



"Solid.The quality and sturdiness of the product is outstanding. Also...I found the customer service to be first class." – MAL, Amazon customer 



"Awesome floor stand for using a tablet in bed. It is very good looking, enough so that I don't mind it when it's standing there empty. It's exceedingly flexible in its ability to twist, bend and extend, allowing any angle I have wanted for viewing, including lying flat on my back and having the display facing straight down at me." – MasonStorm, Amazon customer

Great product, and beautifully made, to boot. Even my wife, who was quite skeptical because of the price, instantly said “Great idea.” Congratulations and best wishes for your product.
— Brett Brolin, New York, NY

"I bought 2 FLOTES, one floor model and one table model.  One was for my wife for Christmas and she absolutely loves it.  The second ( the table model) is in my office and  holds my iPad right next to my MacBook Pro. If a thief broke into our home and tried to steal either of our FLOTES he'd leave our home in a body bag.  Does that tell you how much we love these things?– Stephen Zolner, Lake Havasu City, AZ

… a remarkably well designed piece of equipment. I cannot say enough laudatory things about your customer service and the quality of the product. Be assured that I will be recommending this to all of my friends.
— Elizabeth Hacker, Grosse Ile Township, MI

"I bought my husband FLOTE for Christmas.  He has neck pain and I was hoping it would help some. In a nutshell, he LOVES it!  He immediately put it next to his reading chair and uses it constantly. There are other brands of tablet stands, but I wanted one that was beautiful as well as functional.  FLOTE was perfect...Thank you for your wonderful product.  There are so few of those anymore." – Helen Aarness, Las Vegas, Nevada

I love my FLOTE and it does exceed my expectations. Its worth every cent
— Sally Zilm, Australind, AU

" I adore my FLOTE. Functional and beautifully designed. Everything about it is perfect, the friendly service, the quick postage to AU, the packaging, the instructions, the simplicity of use, the maneuverability and endless positions. I have used it every day since receiving it." – Jo N., Bayswater, AU

... I use FLOTE everyday. Thanks for inventing/developing a very useful product.
— Arnold Hartman MD, Boca Raton, FL

Some reviews from our eBAY customers:

eBay Customers love FLOTE Tablet Stands

" To whom it may concern, this product of yours is without a doubt the handiest tablet attachment that I have seen to date. It is so convenient and holds the tablet in such a way that it makes it a more entertaining and a pleasure to use, and I have to say I will get more use out of my tablet than ever before


The design is so simplistic but efficient, and so well made that I will get years of use from it and not to mention the extra use of my tablet that without the FLOTE I would not have gotten due to having to hold it for extended periods of time. 


Thank you so much for your ingenuity and steadfast determination that made this device possible, and I will be sure to let others know of the gem that I have found."


– Walter ( Tommy ) Taylor, Amarillo, Texas  

If they drop the big one, there will be three things left: cockroaches, Keith Richards, and my FLOTE stand ;)
— Kurt Fisk, Riverside, IL

"The FLOTE M2 is a very well designed stand. It looks about as good as such a thing can -- And after having a very unattractive model to compare it to it is even more so -- and is very sturdy. The flexibility in positioning is superb. I haven't had a position yet I've wanted to put it in that it could not accommodate. The tablet grip is very well designed and easily accommodates large and small tablets INCLUDING those in a case. I use a rather bulky case on my iPad and the FLOTE M2 has no trouble with it at all." – A Reader, Amazon customer

Working beautifully! Love using it! Thank you for inventing this product and your outstanding customer service.
— Jay Potterton, Canberra, Australia

"FLOTE is the best iPad stand I've used." 

–  Denny Yu, Blaine, WA 

"I absolutely love my FLOTE and so glad I bought this wonderful gift for myself." 

– Gina T, Clemmons, NC 

"I love the FLOTE floor stand." 

–  Donna Downey, Meridan, MS

You have exceeded my expectations. Thank you.
— Joe Powers, Savannah, GA

"I'd like to give you some feedback regarding our recent purchase. If you remember, we are from Australia and I ordered the stand for my mother who suffers from chronic pain. 

The one love that she still has is her love of reading. Of course, with trying to hold the ipad in front of her to be able to read, she then suffered from severe neck pain and couldn't bear to just lay there staring at the ceiling. Along came your wonderful invention and it has literally changed her life.

Along with this though comes all those intrinsic benefits - it gives her something to look forward to each day, something to get out of bed for. It has given her new hope that her situation can be made a little more bearable. Finally, in her words, "I feel like a normal person, that I can relax and read after dinner instead of standing at the kitchen bench until it's time to go to bed."

Everyday she is more and more impressed with the design, the workmanship and your excellent service." 

– Kimberly Martin, Queensland, AU 

Thanks for following up. I can’t remember ever buying anything with better customer support.
— Frank W., Atlanta, GA

"I have been using FLOTE for the past couple weeks and have greatly enjoyed it. It is far superior to similar products I have owned in the past." 

– Thomas LeMense, Washington DC 

"I am enjoying my FLOTE. Thank you for this outstanding product." 

– Alvin Fisher, The Villages, Florida

"I’m a french user of FLOTE who is very, very happy I’m using FLOTE every day and after more 10 days of using: PERFECT!" 

– M Alain Bossu

"I have ordered a couple of stands for our iPad (my wife's and mine) they all had some kind of problem. They fell over, or did not hold the iPad right.... Thinking I was saving a few bucks... But naturally you get what you pay for. I then decided, after a lot of frustration with the cheap models, to order the FLOTE tablet stand.  It is amazing. The companys' service is impeccable and the iPad stays where I want it to stay. I wholeheartedly endorse this product: it is well made, sturdy and has a very confident feeling about adjusting it for best position...Well Done." 

– Frank M, Livermore, CA

I love my FLOTE... Worth its weight in gold.
— J Borck, Greenville, SC

"We "LOVE OUR FLOTE."  First of all I was really impressed with your packaging (a box within a box) & how the FLOTE was packed. Everything about FLOTE is first class.  Beautifully finished, Donna (my wife) is thrilled, as she uses it in the kitchen to read her recipes while cooking. Now she says "we need another one for down stairs in the TV room. Thanks for making our life a little bit easier."  

–  Bruce & Donna Deakin, Ontario, Canada

"My FLOTE is working great! Thank you for your personal and very prompt attention to the problem I was having with my FLOTE. The replacement parts that you sent solved the problem that I was having. I rate your customer service as A+!"

– Lois Carey, Wolfeboro, NH

" Your design is both useful and attractive. It certainly makes using an iPad much more pleasurable. Thanks again for all your consideration and follow-up."   –  Wayne Newby, Ontario, CA

"Can read much longer in my recliner now that I have my FLOTE. Love, love, LOVE!"

– Colleen Caldwell, Gilbert, AZ

"Appreciate all the follow ups and resolved my issues.

Not only you have the best product, but you also have the best customer service.

Again thanks for all your help."

– Nghiep Nguyen, Columbia, SC 

"I gave it to my wife yesterday for her birthday and she fell in love with it... The rare earth magnetic pivot is a stroke of genius. Thanks for a great product.

– Bruce Francisco, Millington TN

"This stand is just what the doctor ordered.  My medical curse is Ankylosing Spondylitis: an arthritic condition that can severely restrict ones range of motion in the spine and neck.  FLOTE lets me enjoy my tablet without causing more stress on those joints."

– Paul Cowal, Miamisburg, OH

FLOTE is most beautiful and beautifully functional Pad stand I have ever purchased! I’ve tried several others, and sent them back! For this one, you’d have to “pry it out of my cold dead fingers” to take it away from me! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY FLOTE! Thank you for designing it!
— Bobby Myers, Paduca, Kentucky

"Just to let you know, I love my new FLOTE.  You really designed a quality product.  It is enhances my tablet watching experience in bed so much.  Thank you so much for taking your time and putting your heart and soul into the FLOTE."

– Shaun in Texas

"Excellent customer support, David... I love the FLOTE iPad Stand ! Extremely sturdy.The magnetic ball joint and spring loaded clamp are pure genius.They allow for such a wide range of positions for iPad viewing." 

–   R.J. Cummings, Flagstaff, AZ

"Just want to let you know what a great product you have. Received my Flote as a b-day gift and I love it! It's one of those things that once you have it, you wonder how you went without it.

–  Heidi Strong, Wauconda, IL

Congratulations Dave.This is absolutely gorgeous! Love it! Very functional and practical.The reaching distance is amazing. Quality is for lifetime.
— Fernando Januario, Miami, Florida

"Great product!" 

–  David Messier, Austin TX

"My FLOTE works great :) Very happy with it.

–  Paul McElmeel, Westland, MI 

"Love it, use it just about everyday." 

– J Campbell, Bartlesville, OK

Wow. I love this thing! Brilliant design.
— Kenton Forshes, Madisonville, TN

"Hi Dave, Here are photos of Jackson with his new FLOTE you sent him. He is doing much better now as you can see from the photos. You made him very very happy. Thank you so much Dave! "  

– Jimmy Powell, Cornelius, NC


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"This stand is easily the best iPad accessory available. I use it to hold the iPad above my desk at eye level when typing papers and to watch movies and television before bed. This stand comes in handy way too much."

–  Mark Bufanio , Butler, NJ

"I have given the FLOTE a good test run of several weeks. I absolutely LOVE my FLOTE!!! I use it most often next to my bed for use before I sleep. FLOTE is sturdy, does not "sink", and re-adjusts to new positions easily. The color and design is AWESOME."

– Ozala Mazar, Belle Chasse, LA


"This is a very attractive and functional product as promised. I would recommend FLOTE to the folks that want to drastically improve their tablet or e-reader experience." 

– Fred Brighton, Bellingham, WA

Love love love it! I just wish I hadn’t given my second one to my mom.
— Darva Campbell, Hillsborough, CA

"I VERY much LOVE the FLOTE for my iPad. I use it EVERY single day! And, I especially enjoy using it during late hours of the night to watch Netflix movies in bed." 

–  C Dale, San Diego, CA

"David, the FLOTE is incredible. Really a fantastic design, simply and extremely functional - I will recommend it to all my family/friends." 

–  Ben Holz, Makawao, Hawaii

"Hi Dave, I am very happy with how the FLOTE turned out. Assembly was easy and it's working as it should, plus it's a nice piece to look at, very well designed." 

–  Joe Ledesma, Denver, CO

Dave, FLOTE is great. It is working perfectly.
— H.Shah, Ashburn, VA

"I can't heap enough praise on the FLOTE. Great design, excellent build quality, very versatile. I will be recommending the FLOTE to friends and family." 

– Jeff Baker, Reston, VA

"The FLOTE is better than I imagined. It has made viewing my iPad very easy and enjoyable from anywhere in my home. Thank you very much for bringing your brilliantly imagined table stand to life." 

– Olajuwone Howard, Peoria, IL

"FLOTE arrived yesterday. Assembly was easy and functionality is fantastic. Of all the projects I've funded, this is among the first to actually come through."

 – David Jones, Bel Air, Maryland (Kickstarter Backer)

Your company is a class act.
— Tom Threlkeld, Zephyrhills, FL

"The FLOTE has arrived safe and sound! It was very well packaged and survived the journey nicely. It's quick and easy to assemble, and works a treat!

Robert McKenzie, Porto Rafti, Greece

"The balance and motion of the horizontal arm and the iPad holder are flawless. This is truly an inspired work of genius and an incredibly well designed product.  I am certain that I will get many years of pleasure out of using it." 

–  Lloyd Diernisse, Herndon, VA

" I'm really happy to finally have the FLOTE. I absolutely feel it is worth the price. If I cost average over 4 years, it's about 25 cents a day.  Who wouldn't pay that for such a great, innovative item!  I hope you have a lot of success with this."

–  MJ Manna, Honolulu, Hawaii

Using it when surfing/reading in bed, what did I do before the FLOTE?
— Scott Gregor, Aberdeenshire, UK

"FLOTE is great and I would like to order another one. It was worth the wait!" 

–  John Bowen, San Martin, CA (Kickstarter Backer)

"Overall - very satisfied - Great piece - Nice work." 

–  Marcello Tallarigo, NYC, NY

"I am very pleased with my FLOTE. It was easy to put together. It stays where I move it, it's very good looking and the construction is awesome." 

–  Jean-Paul Planaux, Destrehan, LA

"Dave, I used it minutes after opening the box. Love it. So too my kids. Thanks!" 

–  Jaco Hamman, PhD, Nashville, TN

"The FLOTE is working very well. Ann has no trouble locating it where she can see and use her ipad from any where she is in the bed. Thanks again for inventing a stand that a handicap person can put to good use." –  Walter and Ann Robertson, The Villages, FL

My FLOTE works great and is a great work of art.
— Temoor Anwar MD, Salinas, CA

"Hey, Dave! Just wanted to say how much we love LOVE our FLOTE! The quality is outstanding and it is so cool streaming movies at my bedside and reading the New York Times, CNN with just a tap. Thanks, David for making my life with IPad so much fun.

–  Melissa Power, Ridgefield, CT

"The Boom is very nice, appropriately lighter. Love the powdered texture; everything is such good quality and craftsmanship... AGAIN impressed with design and craftsmanship. WOW  INGENIOUS....the powerful magnet ball! I am very happy to have had the opportunity to purchase the FLOTE, it was a pleasure to assemble and the experience of using it is exquisite. Thank you David." 

–  E. Giebler, Russel, KS

"I received the FLOTE today, and it's awesome!  As a songwriter and musician, I think your invention is the perfect addition to my recording studio.  With my iPad and FLOTE, my song lyrics and music apps are easier to access than ever before (especially while playing my guitar).  Thank you again, and congratulations on making a great product." 

–  Brian Hoffer,


Once you’ve used it- you can’t live without it! I will definitely be getting that second Desktop for my home office.
— Mike Ross, Ontario, CANADA

"The FLOTE is great, I love it!" 

–  Anthony K., Orlando, FL

"I love it!" 

–  Margaret K Overath, Wilson, NC


"The unit is quite ingenious and should be quite useful." 

–  Jerry Block, Stockton, CA

I really love it.
— Richard Clarke, Weehawken, NJ

"Hello Dave, I am very happy with the FLOTE. I can tell you it gets rave reviews from all that see it. I use it daily with my iPad." 

–  L.A.T, Thunder Bay Ontario Canada 

"I love it. By the way, the Cradle is pure genius. I love the ease with which you can add or remove a device from "captivity", and the ball and socket do a very nice job allowing balance between adjustability and stiction. Great job on the execution!" 

–  Craig "The Coder" Dunn, Austin, TX

"Dave and crew, First, I must say very nicely packed and all parts very well made and great finish!!!! My wife loves it. Went together rather easy." 

– Walter A. Nelson, Jr., Smyrna, DE


"I love my FLOTE. Nice to see American entrepreneurs doing what we do best." 

– Gregory Otto, Delray Beach, FL

"My new FLOTE arrived perfectly and worked perfectly last night on its first usage as my bedside iPad holder." 

–  Joan Freed, San Jose, CA

"It's great! I am using it right now." 

– Thomas D. Johnston, MD, FACS Niagara, WI

"LOVING my FLOTE!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Definitely a great invention on your part. Functional. Helpful. Sleek-looking. I use it every single day!… FLOTE = Freedom!" 

–  Ida Ruth Halstead, Chapel Hill, NC

"I was given a FLOTE as a gift and it's just perfect! I'm a minister and use my tablet for reading a lot. I love to stand and read with the FLOTE or just move it closer so that I can sit down with it right in front of me and not have to worry about holding the tablet... Again, I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the FLOTE and if I could afford it, I would buy one for everyone on my staff at church! Thanks for making a great product! " 

– Chris Gannon, Minister, Northside Church of Christ, Nashville, TN

"I'm loving my FLOTE so far. As I sat on my exercise ball reading the NY Times on my iPad, then stood for a while to read email, my mom observed, "That's really worth what you paid. It's not a luxury." I wholeheartedly agree: it is not a luxury. My iPad neck is a thing of the past, and I keep finding more neat ways to use it. I even used it as I soaked in my claw foot tub, so I could watch a movie while I relaxed. And I used it in the kitchen while cooking, so I could have the recipe at eye level as I stood at the stove, and still listen to Pandora.  It's not too much trouble to bring it upstairs when I need it there, so I'm getting a lot of use from it. I was afraid I would have buyer's remorse; for me, this is a big chunk of change. But nope, I'm very, very happy…. Your customer service and communication as I waited for the order was really exemplary, Dave. Thanks for that, too." 

– Leeann Myers, McKinleyville, CA

"Five (no 6) Stars.

I bought the FLOTE stand on something of a whim.  I do have “computer neck” and my shoulders are tight from hunching over a laptop all day.  The FLOTE has radically improved my posture and tension in my neck and shoulders.  It is a delight to buy a product and then feel even better after you use it.  I would recommend the FLOTE to anyone using a tablet and generally holding it in their lap.  All that “down head” posture will take a toll.  Look up and feel better!

Secondly, the quality of the FLOTE is exceptional.  It really is a well designed and engineered instrument.  Even the shipping packaging shows an attention to craftsmanship and detail.  I have been please by the solid permanent feel of the device.  The FLOTE is well conceived and executed.

Thirdly, customer service has been more than outstanding.  There is customer service that is responsive.  FLOTE is proactive.  If you mention an issue or concern, they are relentless in helping you till you are fully satisfied.  The FLOTE team is making sure you have a 5-star experience.

I originally had thought the FLOTE was at a premium price.  I have since revised my opinion based on quality and usefulness of the FLOTE,  along with world-class support-- it is a great deal.  I plan on getting the smaller version for kitchen use."  – Dave Rice, St. Charles, IL


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