It's smart to use a tablet stand for extended periods. Just make sure it's an ergonomic one.

Even though our FLOTE Universal Tablet Stands were one of the first floor and bed stands for iPad and all other tablets, there's now many options for tablet stands on the market today.

While we believe that FLOTE is by far the best brand of tablet stands (and so does the press), it's extremely important that when making a decision to purchase a stand or mount for your use, that you select a stand that provides an ergonomic tablet experience.

Many stands will hold your tablet, but in most cases it's you that has to adjust your body instead of being able to adjust the stand for your unique body.  

Take this image below of more recently introduced tablet or iPad stand for beds...

What's wrong with this picture? Check out the angle of the viewer's head. While his hands might be free, his neck remains at an unhealthy and awkward angle for what could be hours. That leads to chronic neck and back pain and poor posture.

Now look at these images of people using our FLOTE adjustable tablet stands...

girl using FLOTE iPad Tablet Bed Stand

With FLOTE any user is able to hover their tablet above their heads or to the side, and change the viewing angle at will. This enables the user to move their body as needed to prevent discomfort or muscle fatigue from being in the same position for hours.

man using FLOTE iPad Tablet Floor Stand

Unlike most other stands on the market, our FLOTE stands can be used by the bed or by your favorite reading chair. Notice how this user has his iPad at just the right height to avoid bending his neck or hunching over. This is what true ergonomic enjoyment of a tablet is all about.

Learn more about the health issues of tablet use here. To start enjoying your tablet hands-free and pain-free, check out our FLOTE Tablet Stands here.