Give your old phone or tablet a new lease on life!

Here's an informative and helpful article from the WSJ about finding new purposes for those older phones and tablets.

We totally agree with the author's suggestions. It's easy- and smart- to take an old iPhone, iPad or other brand tablet and turn it into a security camera for example. Considering how much these old electronics take up in landfills, the notion to find new purposes for older phones and tablets is a good one to follow.

It's also important to remember that just because your old phone or tablet no longer has cellular service, it can still utilize your family's WiFi, meaning it can still be used for browsing the web, emails, and even making calls through online services such as Skype.

Another example of using your old iPad or tablet could be mounting it (with one our FLOTE tablet stands of course) in a guest room or even a bathroom and using your WiFi network to turn it into a small television or movie screen.

For more ideas and information, read the full WSJ article here or watch the video below.