We're proud our FLOTE stands can make a difference.

We received this email from a recent FLOTE customer...


I ordered FLOTE for my Dad so he can use an iPad.  A little background on my Dad: he is a Vietnam veteran and he was recently diagnosed with ALS.  Over the past few months his health has dramatically deteriorated and is at the point where he is bedridden and unable to use his arms…

A long story short, I wanted to get an iPad for him so my Dad could “FaceTime” or “Skype” with me, my brothers and sister, his grandkids, other family and friends during times we can not visit him.  The problem was my Dad couldn’t hold the iPad and it would be difficult for my mom or someone else to hold an iPad in front of him for an extended period.  Thankfully I came across FLOTE.  This product is amazing! It is perfect for what we needed it for!  It is heavy duty and high quality.  I looked at other iPad holders and FLOTE is second to none.  I would recommend FLOTE to anyone.
— Tim Kay, Fairview Park, OH

I know I write for the entire FLOTE team that we are so proud and pleased that our products can truly make a difference in people's lives, particularly those who have served our country like Tim's dad.

If you have a story about how FLOTE has improved your life or that of someone else, please let us know by contacting us.