FLOTE is ready to go PRO.

A number of people have inquired if our FLOTE Tablet Stands will work Apple's new iPad Pro. While we've been stating that yes, FLOTE will work with the iPad Pro, we thought it time to let our customers' feedback answer that question.

"I originally bought the Orbit for my iPad Air but have now moved up to the iPad Pro, the Orbit works great and fits fine." – William Knapp, Manchester, NJ
"… the iPad Pro fits beautifully and holds any position I put it in without a problem." – Linda Fenner, Vista, CA
"… let you know that it works with the iPad Pro with the Otterbox Defender case also.  A little tight but it holds very secure." – Kenneth Nelson, Clearwater, FL
"Yes baby! My (FLOTE) fits the new Ipad Pro. I'm so happy." – Georgia Dow, iMORE
"The bending of the fingers went very well. The cradle fits!  Thanks!" – Morgan P., Reston, VA