So Many Ways to Use FLOTE

One of our favorite customers, the prestigious  Tokyo Tattoo Studio based in the UK, sends out tweets quite often showing how they use our FLOTE Tablet Stands and a tablet to entertain their customers while receiving a tattoo.

Using FLOTE like this to distract customers while they go through uncomfortable procedure like getting a tattoo makes us think that FLOTE could be used in a similar fashion at dental offices, chiropractors, and many more.

So next time you're getting a new tattoo or dental work done, let your tattoo artist or dentist know about our FLOTE stands and send them our way. Not only will you be entertained the next time you visit, but you'll also receive a gift from us worth $25 for making the recommendation. Learn more about our Customer Referral Program here.

Tokyo Tattoo uses FLOTE Tablet Stands in their studio.