Truly Wireless Charging is Coming.

At CRC Innovations, we've always been big believers in the eventual embracement of wireless charging of our smart devices.

By "wireless" we mean not only wireless, but "contact-less" too. After all, what's the point of not needing wires but you still have to put your tablet right on top of a charging pad. It's cool (we guess) but is it really any more convenient than simply plugging in your little plug? Not really.

When we set out to design our FLOTE Tablet Stands, we intentionally decided to exclude charging features. For one, it would have increased complexity and cost. Second it would have likely infringed upon the clean, elegant design of our award-winning stands. Also we were being practical. After all, most tablets can last for hours on battery, and our customers can simply charge their devices when not using FLOTE. 

But no doubt, having a nicely charged device while enjoying FLOTE does make for a more pleasant and less anxious user experience. 

That's why we're very excited about new developments in truly wireless charging, like this one from the University of Washington recently covered on Mashable. Basically it's a small adapter (or it could be embedded) in a smart device or sensor, and uses your regular ole' WiFi to remotely charge your devices from several feet away. Not only can it charge wirelessly, it can charge a number of devices at the same time. Imagine all of your wireless devices being charged just by being near your home or office router.

Another promising technology which we've been watching since it's launch is COTA. It's moving along very fast towards commercialization with products expected to be "Cota-enabled" very soon. Watch this cool video to learn more about COTA.

We're very confident that this is the direction charging of our portables is heading. Frankly, we can't wait.