June is National Safety Month!

The main reason we designed our FLOTE Tablet Stands was to provide users with an ergonomic tablet experience. Then, our intent was to design the most beautiful and well-made stands on the market.

So, ergonomics is very, very important to us. That's why whenever we discover helpful tips to make your workspace (or relax space) ergonomic, we want you to be aware of them. Making even one adjustment to how you work/use technology can make a big difference in your life.

Here are 10 Ergonomic Tips from AMICA Insurance

  • Stretch before any type of lifting to warm up the body.
  • Straighten the back and bend at the knees, making sure to never twist or bend the back.
  • Lift only while on solid ground, and keep feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Keep the box or object close to the body.
  • Lift with the legs, not the back. 

    Setting up a home office has become a viable option for those companies looking to develop a better work-life balance for their employees. If setting up a home office, remember to: Adjust the chair to provide the proper lumbar and arm support.
  • Make sure feet are flat on the ground or resting comfortably on a footrest.
  • Be sure the viewing distance from eyes to monitor is at least 18 inches.
  • Keep the lighting at a level that doesn’t force you to strain your eyes but isn’t too bright, either.
  • Have the proper accessories for the job, like a document holder or phone headset.
  • Use a FLOTE Universal Stand when using your tablet for a hands-free pain-free experience.*

    * OK, we added that last one ;)