The Constant Inventor's Dilema

I love the create and invent. Be it an illustration, websites, gadgets, accessories and recently, ideas for apps. It gives me pride and enjoyment that I could possibly come up with something that the world around me might find valuable or worthwhile.

But like many blessings, constantly imagining new things can also be a curse (just ask my wife). Instead of simply enjoying and being in the moment, my mind often goes into overdrive, looking at whatever it is I'm doing and thinking, how can I make this better or how can I solve this problem?  My mind churns, the always accessible internet is accessed, and I begin a journey of focused research and discovery.

Sure, that's a good thing. Maybe it will lead to a worthwhile product or idea. Maybe not. But the point is, that nearly obsessive compulsion to create or improve removes me from my surroundings instead of letting me simply accept and enjoy them as they are. While my head is entrenched in thought, time with loved ones or doing something I love quickly passes by and is gone.

I guess I'm taking the first step by being more self-aware and instructing my imagination to take a break and let me enjoy "being in the moment" more.

Hmmm... I wonder if there's an app for that.