How To Use Your Tablet as a Second Monitor

Using your iPad or tablet next to your desktop or laptop computer can make you much more productive. You can use your tablet for secondary items, such a viewing email and social media updates, watching TV or movies while working on your computer, managing your music collection, video conferencing and much more.

While you can simply utilize the existing apps on your iPad or tablet separate from those applications running on your computer, there are also applications out there that can turn your iPad or tablet into a second monitor, enabling it to be an extension of your current monitor and providing you with considerably more "desktop" space to work with. One such app is DUET, which is currently free and compatible with both OS and Windows operating systems. 

One of the many benefits of using our FLOTE tablet stands is the ability to float your tablet next to your computer or monitor, making it easy to position your tablet just where you want it, and if needed, swing it out of the way.

Ergonomics first: 
When using FLOTE and an app like DUET, make sure to position your tablet at a height that keeps your head straight and at a comfortable reading distance. You'll be able to enjoy your extra work space for hours without strain or discomfort.