We LOVE it when you LOVE it!

Here's nice feedback we recently received from a FLOTE customer.


I’m delighted with my Flote m2! Upon arrival, I was very impressed with the packaging. The compressed Styrofoam molded to hold the pieces offered superior protection. Also, the boxes were easy to open.

And, of course, I’m delighted with my Flote m2. I had been reluctant to order the floor model because of the base weight but with those sliders added, it simply is not a problem. It’s such an amazingly solid, functional stand. So far I’ve used it nightly in bed when I read on my iPad or have my iPad handy for looking up information as I read a hard copy book. Also, on occasion I watch TV on my iPad (by means of Slingplayer) and the Flote stand is simply amazing! I no longer have to prop up the iPad on my bed using my comforter. The Flote m2 would make life so much more pleasant for anyone who is bedridden!!

I can’t say enough good things about Flote m2. It is Perfect!

Thank you so much for perfecting the design and delivering a high quality product.


— Jeanne Peterson, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Get a good night's sleep with SNOOZ.

SNOOZ sound conditioner

We are always on the lookout for unique new products that offer great design while being truly useful.

If you live in a noisier environment where the constant sounds of traffic, neighbors, sirens or snoring partners impact your enjoyment a peaceful night's sleep, consider SNOOZ.

SNOOZ started as a successful Kickstarter project, and I've been a fan ever since. With a clean and elegant design, SNOOZ uses an app-controlled fan that creates a soothing gentle hum. According to its makers, that hum is designed to gently drown out those disturbing sounds, letting you enjoy a good night's sleep.

SNOOZ is available for pre-order now, with shipping expected to be later this year. Learn more at SNOOZ.



We love it when our customers send in photos of their FLOTE in use.

Videk Kinra from Chicago was kind enough to send in photos of his new practice's reception area where he's using various FLOTE models.

Our FLOTE tablet stands are an elegant and secure way to enable your guests, clients and customers to enjoy tablets when registering and/or waiting.

When using tablets in public areas, there are several apps out there that can put tablets into  what is referred to as a "kiosk" mode. This enables you to select certain apps  to be accessible by guests.

Examples of kiosk-type uses can include apps for registration, educational and promotional materials, or access to certain videos or websites.

To learn more about using FLOTE at your business, please visit our Enterprise area on our website and turn "wait" time into useful time for your guests, clients and customers.

Share the LOVE and get a $25 Gift Card

Do you know about the FLOTE Customer Referral Program?

Well our friends Bruce and Donna Deakin do. They recommended FLOTE to one of their friends, who then purchased a FLOTE.

As our thanks, we sent Bruce and Donna a $25 Apple Gift Card!

If you're a FLOTE customer, then you know how fantastic it is to use an iPad or tablet hands-free and pain-free in your bed, by a couch, in the kitchen, at your desk or checkout area. Simply recommend FLOTE to a friend and if they make a purchase and mention your name, you too will receive a $25 Apple Gift Card (or a $25 discount off your next order). 

See the details here.

Ergonomics matter for telecommuters, too

Telecommuting might make life easier for millions of American workers, but it doesn’t necessarily absolve employers from the responsibility of ensuring that their workers are safe and healthy on the job.

Read this article from BenefitsPro.com to learn more, and remember to always put your tablet into one of our award-winning ergonomic FLOTE stands when using your tablet for extended periods of time.

Great Design is Great for Business.

We're big believers in great design. We're also big believers in great design not only at home but where we work too. After all, many of  us spend most of our lives in our office. 

With all the great and thoughtfully designed office products out there, there's no reason why our office space shouldn't be beautiful and embrace great design. Perhaps that's why new companies like POPPIN are growing so quickly. By providing office products that not only are incredibly functional but also beautifully designed, they create work environments that not only increase efficiency but also just "feel" better us to work in. When we feel better, we work harder (at least that's the general consensus around here).


 Here's a great example of a engaging and well designed waiting room for a dental office. Now that's the kind of dentist we'd go see!

Here's a great example of a engaging and well designed waiting room for a dental office. Now that's the kind of dentist we'd go see!

Great office design doesn't just make life better for employees. It also has positive impact on that business' visitors and customers. Think about it: when you walk into an office that's thoughtfully designed and pleasant to look at, how do you immediately feel? Now compare that first impression to entering an office that's poorly designed. Like most people, you'll have an immediate sense of confidence about the people working in that well designed office, and likely a different feeling about those working in a poorly designed one.

So when it comes to your office, think beyond the basics and instead consider searching for beautifully designed furniture and accessories. You'll feel better, your workers will feel better and so will your customers or clients. And that's just good business.



iPhone or Android? Android or iPhone? New Atlas helps you decide.

As an iPhone user sometimes I have to admit that I get a little bit envious of those of my friends that have an Android phone. I've used them and I like them... a lot. But then I stare back towards my somewhat jealous iPhone and think, why leave a good thing?

Our friends at New Atlas (formerly Gizmag) have written an article about this very same self-imposed dilemma. Read their article iDon’t: Things to learn if you’ve fallen out of love with iPhone here.

It's smart to use a tablet stand for extended periods. Just make sure it's an ergonomic one.

Even though our FLOTE Universal Tablet Stands were one of the first floor and bed stands for iPad and all other tablets, there's now many options for tablet stands on the market today.

While we believe that FLOTE is by far the best brand of tablet stands (and so does the press), it's extremely important that when making a decision to purchase a stand or mount for your use, that you select a stand that provides an ergonomic tablet experience.

Many stands will hold your tablet, but in most cases it's you that has to adjust your body instead of being able to adjust the stand for your unique body.  

Take this image below of more recently introduced tablet or iPad stand for beds...

What's wrong with this picture? Check out the angle of the viewer's head. While his hands might be free, his neck remains at an unhealthy and awkward angle for what could be hours. That leads to chronic neck and back pain and poor posture.

Now look at these images of people using our FLOTE adjustable tablet stands...

girl using FLOTE iPad Tablet Bed Stand

With FLOTE any user is able to hover their tablet above their heads or to the side, and change the viewing angle at will. This enables the user to move their body as needed to prevent discomfort or muscle fatigue from being in the same position for hours.

man using FLOTE iPad Tablet Floor Stand

Unlike most other stands on the market, our FLOTE stands can be used by the bed or by your favorite reading chair. Notice how this user has his iPad at just the right height to avoid bending his neck or hunching over. This is what true ergonomic enjoyment of a tablet is all about.

Learn more about the health issues of tablet use here. To start enjoying your tablet hands-free and pain-free, check out our FLOTE Tablet Stands here.

Give your old phone or tablet a new lease on life!

Here's an informative and helpful article from the WSJ about finding new purposes for those older phones and tablets.

We totally agree with the author's suggestions. It's easy- and smart- to take an old iPhone, iPad or other brand tablet and turn it into a security camera for example. Considering how much these old electronics take up in landfills, the notion to find new purposes for older phones and tablets is a good one to follow.

It's also important to remember that just because your old phone or tablet no longer has cellular service, it can still utilize your family's WiFi, meaning it can still be used for browsing the web, emails, and even making calls through online services such as Skype.

Another example of using your old iPad or tablet could be mounting it (with one our FLOTE tablet stands of course) in a guest room or even a bathroom and using your WiFi network to turn it into a small television or movie screen.

For more ideas and information, read the full WSJ article here or watch the video below.

Beautiful Industrial Design.

Here at CRC Innovations we love beautiful and elegant industrial design. It's at the heart of everything we do with our product. So we see gorgeous design, it's a pleasure to share it with our readers.

As an example, check out this lighting design concept which we discovered at Yanko Design.


Called the Heng Lamp by designer Zanwen Li, uses both illumination and magnetism to create works of art that also serve a function (just as our FLOTE stands do). To learn more about the Heng lamp and to see a video of it in action, go to the Yanko Design page here.

What are your thoughts about this unique design? Let us know.

We Love Tweets Like This One!

Nothing makes us happier than happy FLOTE tablet stand customers!!!

Frankly, despite the incredible reviews we've received from the media, it's our customers' reviews and thoughts about our products that matter most.

Our goal has always been to design products to make using tablets more enjoyable and more importantly, healthier, and to make those products as elegant and beautifully crafted as possible.

Thanks MIchael for letting us know that we're on the right track.



 Click on graphic to see Michael's tweet on Twitter.

Click on graphic to see Michael's tweet on Twitter.


Here's another FLOTE customer letting us know that they L-O-V-E their FLOTE!

Thanks so much for standing behind your product, and continuing to improve your design.

We use it EVERY DAY. Seriously. Changed life around here.
— Brian Chapman, Topanga, CA

If you're already a FLOTE customer then you know exactly how Brian feels. If you're not yet a customer, we invite you to discover FLOTE and change the way you use your tablet forever.

FLOTE Gets Featured on ABC TV News.

Francie Black of iPad Wisdom is a technology expert who often appears on TV news to discuss the latest trends in tech and gadgets.

We were happy to learn that our FLOTE Universal Tablet Stands were featured during her appearance on ABC's  News 13. We were also excited to read her review of FLOTE ORBIT on her website where Francie recommended FLOTE as a great Father's Day gift and wrote "These are serious tablet stands with firm weight, style and durability."

Watch the video here. FLOTE is mentioned at 1:15 into the video.


We're proud our FLOTE stands can make a difference.

We received this email from a recent FLOTE customer...


I ordered FLOTE for my Dad so he can use an iPad.  A little background on my Dad: he is a Vietnam veteran and he was recently diagnosed with ALS.  Over the past few months his health has dramatically deteriorated and is at the point where he is bedridden and unable to use his arms…

A long story short, I wanted to get an iPad for him so my Dad could “FaceTime” or “Skype” with me, my brothers and sister, his grandkids, other family and friends during times we can not visit him.  The problem was my Dad couldn’t hold the iPad and it would be difficult for my mom or someone else to hold an iPad in front of him for an extended period.  Thankfully I came across FLOTE.  This product is amazing! It is perfect for what we needed it for!  It is heavy duty and high quality.  I looked at other iPad holders and FLOTE is second to none.  I would recommend FLOTE to anyone.
— Tim Kay, Fairview Park, OH

I know I write for the entire FLOTE team that we are so proud and pleased that our products can truly make a difference in people's lives, particularly those who have served our country like Tim's dad.

If you have a story about how FLOTE has improved your life or that of someone else, please let us know by contacting us.

From Gizmag: Comparing All Apple iPAD Models.

I always tune into to Gizmag not only to discover great new technologies and gadgets, but to also learn from their reviews so I can make smarter buying decisions. So far, they've been dead on with their opinions, so I'm confident you'll find this advice helpful...



iPads aren't flying off the shelves like they used to, and Apple's response has been to reach and rebrand, hoping a new definition of "iPad" will bring the tablet back to the relevance of its glory days. Apple has already changed naming conventions several times (twice retroactively) along with a new "Pro" series that's trying to reframe the iPad as a Microsoft Surface rival. Confused? Or just wondering which one to buy? Let's compare your iPad options.

Here's the link to the full article.